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Pool Heater Reviews, Heat Pump Installation Photos and Testimonials

We know that when you're shopping online, it can be difficult to get a good impression about a company. We feel that since you're spending a large amount of money, you need as much background information as possible, or at least a feeling that you can trust us before proceeding with a purchase.

Feel free to read actual customer responses below, or email us at with your product review or testimonial letting us know how happy you are with your purchase.

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Posted August 2006 by Roy United Kingdom

heat pump installed and working a treat. The Rod Steiger-lookin' gent is of course me. The pump is certainly warming the ice on the pool and come late August we should be able to don our wet-suits and have a the rain. Kidding apart, the Heat Siphon is a DREAM. .Cuts in and out with no fuss, thermostat operates beautifully, and of course, it's relatively quiet. I keep it set at 88 degrees, and it doesn't vary even +/- 1 of the set-temp. (I worked on the B52 wing-flap heaters, way back when...(1961?) and the tolerances were tight). I keep running-costs down by switching it off manually at night, so that it only pumps "day-time air", which is hot, and better efficiency all round. See ? .....takes 'kidney' to work out stuff like that. Keep taking the tablets, and don't be tempted by Sobriety. It can fell bigger men than us. Yrs aye

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Posted June 2006 by Lynne United Kingdom

The heat pump arrived in England three days after I ordered it from you that’s what I call service!!! I only wish I had ordered my solar cover from you I ordered that in good old England and it took three weeks and then they forgot to pack the castors!! The pump is now installed and working beautifully the water went from 68 to 88 in just 20 hours. Anyone who is thinking of putting a heater in do not wait it is easy and our pool has been used more in the last two days than it has in five years. I had an agent act for me at Manchester Airport who charged £45 it was worth the money they sorted out the VAT which sadly we had to pay also put it on a truck to me. By buying a far superior pump than the one we could get in England I still saved in excess of 60% and yes I agree with all your other clients that your service and product are second to none it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. Kind regards

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Posted May 2006 by Scott Grand Isle, Vermont

The Heat Siphon worked perfectly all summer and into the fall! our pool was used to its fullest and most enjoyable extent ever. The pool is now closed for the winter following customary shut down procedures, which of course include blowing out all the piping. in addition, after blowing out I loosened the lower pipe connection on the heat siphon to make sure all water was out. is there anything else I need to do to make sure that there is no water in the unit? there is also a bit of residual rain water remaining in the bottom-is this a problem? Thanks again!

Jandy AE2000

Posted May 2006 by Matt Tampa, Florida

Came today!!!! WOW 24hrs

Jandy AE2500

Posted April 2006 by Hugh Horeb, Wisconsin

I have just finished installing the Jandy AE 2500 heat pump and is currently raising the temp of our pool! My wife is very excited about swimming in comfortable water this evening. Anyway, I do have one quick question, the patio blocks that I have the heat pump on apparently slope the wrong way. They slope to the left of the machine, not the right of the machine. Meaning, the drain hole is on the "uphill" side. Not by much, but the water is accumulating on the left side of the unit first. Would it be okay to drill a little drain hole of the left side? thanks

Heat Siphon SX5.0

Posted April 2006 by Sue Pennsylvania

Wanted to let you know that we received the heater in record time, put it in the following weekend and had our pool temperaturego from 57- 84 degrees within days (and that was only running with our pump).  Thank you! We would recommend your company

Jandy AE3000

#40 Posted April 2006 by Carlos New Jersey

Once again thanks for your cordial and professional service. It was a bit reassuring to confirm that I wasn't dealing with a flight by night company when the UPS delivery guy spoke about the numerous heat pump deliveries he as made coming from your company in the last couple of years since he started his job. I was surprise to have the heater delivered and placed next to the filter in four days. It took one day for the installation and two days later the water temperature was at 86 degrees. The whole family was enjoying the pool in late May (Outside temp 72 degrees). Here are a couple of pics of my little monster. Super quite too.


Jandy AE2000

#39 Posted April 2006 by James and Mary Beth Berry Jacksonville, FL

Thanks again. We ended up adding a 4x4 slab to set the unit on. Plumbing installation took less than 1/2 day. Looking to have it wired up and working in about a week. We're attaching some pics of the final job. You're welcome to post them if you like.


Heat Siphon SX 3.25

Posted April 2006 by Tim Washington

Just wanted to let you know the heat pump arrived yesterday. I installed it and had it running by yesterday evening. The pool was up to 80 degrees by this afternoon and my girls were happily swimming when I got home! Thanks again for your wonderful service

Heat Siphon SX5.0

#38 Posted May 2006 by Jim Harvey San Jose, Costa Rica

I've emailed photos of the pool heaters and the swimming pool. By switching from propane to your heaters and pool covers, our fuel bill went from $5,000.00 per month to $200.00 per week. I really never believed that the savings would be so great. I cannot thank you enough for your help and also for your great service. If you have potential customers that have doubts, they are welcome to call me.


Heat Siphon SX 5.0

Posted March 2006 by Thomas New Jersey

Just a quick note, I'm the guy from NJ you wrote that lengthy e-mail about the best heat pump for me and I bought your heat siphon and it's up and running great. Your info was so good I thought I would ask you about pool pumps. I want one that is both quiet and efficient. I have a 23,000 gal in-ground pool and am thinking of the Sta-rite Max E-Glass pump 1hp. Do you have any knowledge on this matter? Regards

Kopec 650Ti

#37 Posted March 2006 by Artie McAuley Richmond Hill, NY

We have warmth in our pool! Here's the "Sitch" in a table.  I hope I've given you some sort of an idea about the capabilities of the Kopec 650 SCTI. I, also, have enclosed some pix of the installation. Hope you enjoy them! Feel free to use them wherever you want.



Water Temp

Air Temp

12:45 PM


89 o

1:45 PM

79 o

91 o

2:45 PM

83 o

89 o

3:45 PM

85 o

88 o

4:45 PM

86 o

85 o

7:00 PM

89 o

81 o



Jandy AE2500

Posted February 2006 by Patrick Riverview, FL

Thank you for all that you have done for me. You pointed me in the right direction, educated me on heat pumps, and gave me some recommendations, and prices. After lots of shopping around, I came back to you. Not only for your support and knowledge, but you absolutely had the best prices out there. Everything you promised was delivered on. The heater is installed and works like a champ. It's heating the water twice as fast as the old unit. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for everything, Patrick [follow up email after need to service the heat pump] Jack called me from the airport (he was traveling that day) to assure me that I was going to be taken care of. 30 minutes later someone from their office called me and said they would be out to the house the next day. Well, they came and corrected the problem (a thermo sensor wire had loosened up during transit) it was a quick fix, and the heater is working like a champ. You were absolutely right about their customer service. It was top notch, just like you said, and it was my biggest factor in selecting Jandy in the end. Thanks

Heat Siphon SX 5.0

#36 Posted February 2006 by Sean Cheevers Gautier, MS

I would like to thank you for the service you provide in supplying  pool heatpumps. I received my Heat Siphon within a week of placing the order and had it professionally installed two days later. It was an easy install and has increased the water temp. 16 degrees in the last 36 hours. It was a pleasure doing business with you and would recommend your company to any one considering a pool heat pump purchase in the future.Attached are some pictures of the heater and pool, I have been swimming each day since the heater brought the tem up to it. Again, thanks for making it an easy transaction.


Heat Siphon SX 5.0

Posted February 2006 by Dr. G South Carolina

Wow!!!! What service. When I called you, I felt that I was talking to a friend. Thanks for your Help. Will keep you posted.

Heat Siphon SX5.0

#35 Posted January 2006 by Tim Davis Phoenix, AZ

Hey Asa, Just wanted to say I got the pool heater on Tuesday, did the plumbing on Wednesday, re-did part of it on Thursday, and had an electrician wire it up tonight. At first start-up the fan blades were catching the cowling/housing and it was shutting it off. So I took off the top cover, wiggled the housing around a bit and put it back on. Seems to be centered properly now and is up and running. Temp was 64 when I started it at 8:30pm. Waiting to see how quick it warms it up. Here are a few pictures of the pool pump installation process. Feel free to put them on your site if you feel they would be of use. I wonder how many people actually have 24'' of clearance around the units. I sure don't. Pool is up to 80 degrees right now. Not bad, 65 degrees to 80 degrees in a day and a half. I do have one question though. Where the 2 inch PVC pipe screws onto to the unit itself, I have a small leak there, a drop every 10 seconds or so. So I re-did the line to it and tightened the heck out of the threaded part and still have a bit of drip. Do you know if people normally use plumbers tape on those threads or if you think that would help? Thanks, TIM Follow Up Email Dear Tim: Thank you for writing back. I hope that you and your family are well. I am happy that you have it all working. The fan must have shifted in shipping. Those unions shouldn't need Teflon tape. The seal is at the o-ring gasket. It couldn't hurt to try the tape or maybe warm the o-ring and reinstall it. They have o-ring lube at pool stores that help when the union is tightened to. The heater makes a lot of condensation when it takes the heat out of the air and sometimes some water drips from the water lines. If you find that nothing you do helps then let me know and I will send you some new unions. Please let me know if you have other questions or if you want me to call you. Sincerely,



#34 Posted February 2006 by Tony United Kingdom

Thank you Tony for the picture.  Hopefully some of the people looking at my site will contact you if they are in the mood for an English vacation.



Jandy Heat/Cool

#33 Posted January 2006 by Jeremy Hill Merced, CA

I was very skeptical when I forked out $4,000.00 to pay for the top of the line Jandy heat pump for my pool. I decided to go a little bigger than required. I was told by everyone and anyone in Merced CA, that "Those heat pump things don't work around here." Asa repeatedly assured me that they didn't know what they were talking about, and that it would work fine. I was worried. The heater arrived FAST. Nice Fed-ex semi pulled up front with a hydraulic lift, wheeled it right to my garage.


I contacted my local pool company and they agreed to install it for $600 as long as I knew "It wouldn't work this time of year." I said I knew this, but that I wanted to get a jump on Summer. The install was a deal as far as I'm concerned. They put in a separate sub-panel from my breaker box, 2 different valves...etc... a bunch of stuff for the money.


I'm just glad I didn't The guy knew exactly what he was doing even though he hadn't installed a Jandy before. I fired it up Tuesday morning and the pool was 46 degrees (COLD) and outside temp was 50 degrees. 72 hours later the pool was 74degrees. With average daily air temps of 55 degrees, I keep the pool covered all but the hour that I swim each day. I have found that I only have to run the heater 5 hours (6 max ) a day to keep it between 72 and 74 as long as it is covered. Now that the pool is above 70, the heat coming out of the jets is VERY warm. In fact, I was surprised at the volume of water that this heat pump can crank out each minute.


I was also surprised at the warmth at which it comes out. I purchased the hot gas exchange option for a little extra for those days below 45 degrees, and although I don't even think I have had to use this option yet, I'm planning on using it next January. In the mean time, I am extremely pleased. I am now using my pool all 12 months of the year. It is cool to step out of the water at 9 at night and see the steam rise off of your body into the 45 degree air. Again, I thought that these heat pumps were too good sounding to be true, but let me tell you, technology has come along way, and their efficiency is staggering. I feel sorry for people with solar and gas. In may when the air warms up a bit, I plan on bumping my pool up to 90 degrees for parties on the weekends. I don't feel like spending that kind of money now.


One very interesting note. The technician that installed the pump after completing the installation said "yeah, I think these things are the way to go, I might look into one of them for my pool." Haaa Haaa degrees for parties on the weekends. I don't feel like spending that kind of money now. One very interesting note. The technician that installed the pump after completing the installation said "yeah, I think these things are the way to go, I might look into one of them for my pool." Haaa Haaa



Heat Siphon SX 5.0

#32 Posted January 2006 by Bob Welch Plattsburgh, NY

Installed my pool heater on this month. Finally, after all our rainy weather, I was able to crank it up yesterday at 1:45 pm. My water temp went from 58 to 82 at 7pm today. So far so good, I'd say. Installation was a piece of cake. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Looks like we'll be enjoying lots of warm water. Feel free to post any of those photos and many thanks for the kind words of a good looking job. That means a lot to me.  How nice it is to get such a quick response.  Hope you're all doing well.


Jandy AE3000

#31 Posted December 2005 by Tom Miller Punta Gorda Isles, FL

Thanks again for your help yesterday. I called the people you gave me phone numbers for at Jandy and they are setting up service to correct that minor temp read-out problem. Also , what I want to order is part #6613 and PDA ps4 for pool and spa. When you have a chance please let me know the prices, so I can order these. Also , I am enclosing pictures of my pool and the new Jandy system I installed myself in about 3 hours, This system is so simple to install, a child could do it! 3 power wires in (220 volt single Ph and the rest is all plug in and only fits one way! GREAT! The automated Chlorine system was just as easy, maybe easier (because it's smaller!) Your company is Great and I know you will always be a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Again and again.


Pool Heater

Posted November 2005 by Patrick Melbourne Beach, FL

The pool heater is great. We recently got the electricity hooked up and it works beautifully. We are thrilled with it. Thanks for your help.

Heat Siphon SX5.0

#30 Posted November 2005 by John Flanagan Port Richey, FL

Hi guys. Thanks for the quick turn around time from ordering to delivery! Here's a picture of my new installation. It was a breeze to install. I used no-hub connectors for future servicing and pump replacement. Sincerely, John Hi't find 20 x 20 blocks, so I used 24 x 24 and some leveling sand. Yes. You can post it. Those no-hub connections will allow me to easily change out my old motor when it goes. God bless whoever invented the rope saw ! It made it so easy for some of the cuts that needed to be made. Here's another pic. Thanks again



Heat Siphon SX3.25

Posted November 2005 by Jim Florida

I just wanted to let you know that I received my pool heater yesterday and everything looks fine. I wanted to thank Jason for working with me over the weekend to get my order processed. Anyway, I am looking forward to installing my heater this weekend.

Heat Siphon HP5.0

Posted October 2005 by Guy R. Houlton, Maine

Good morning, I received the heat pump yesterday, everything is fine, I'm going to store it in my garage for the winter and then install it in the spring. I'll keep you posted on how that goes and maybe send some pictures as well. Again I thank you very much for all your help with my order from the selection of the unit to the delivery. If anyone is looking for a heat pump I'll be sure to send them your way. This was the first major purchase I made over the internet from the United States and between my customs brokers and you the transaction and delivery went flawlessly.

Jandy HM90

#29 Posted October 2005 by Brad Kueter Coco Beach, Florida

Hi Asa, once again I want to say thank you for being so easy with for the purchase of my Heat Pump. The Jandy HM90 is doing a good job for me within 2 days of running only 8 hours a day it raised my pool temp by over 10 degrees.


Heat Siphon DX5.0

Posted October 2005 by Linda Van Kampen Dunedin, Florida

I also enjoyed speaking with you. Your pride in your work is obvious in the tone of your web site, your personal written responses, and the time you willing spend with an Wish there were a way to warn unknowing folks to the inappropriate "guilt arm wringing" ,near threats and attempts at mistruths void warranty if not done our way-extra $700) Again, angel halos and blessings to you. I'm sure your grandma will love having the stove you've sent her.

Jandy AE 3000

Posted September 2005 by Stuart Scottsdale, AZ

wanted to drop you a note regarding our recent purchase of a Jandy AE3000. It arrived in good condition and we had it up and running a week after delivery. It really makes a difference now that the weather is cooling in Phoenix. With days now in the mid 80's and nights in the mid 50's the water in our pool would be too cold to enjoy. The Jandy keeps the water in the mid to upper 80's where we like it! We're still enjoying the pool as of Nov. 13th and are the only ones in the neighborhood still doing so. We'll probably shut it down after Thanksgiving but plan to turn it on again come March when out of state visitors start to arrive. We're glad we chose the Jandy and glad we got a model with a chiller as the 110+ days of summer will give us a "cool" swimming experience. Thanks for your help in the process.

AE3000 Heat/Cool

Posted September 2005 by Bill and Denise Eisel San Antonio, TX

We have had nothing but a first rate and first class experience with you and your company to date.. We will be recommending you to all our friends contemplating building a pool. Warm regards

Jandy AE2000

Posted May 2005 by Jeremiah and Linda Marietta, GA

Many thanks, didn't expect you to send the part right along, this is just more great service! For your records, the Jandy AE-2000 heat pump looks and works great. Pool is now 89 - 90 degrees (where my wife likes it) during the day, cooling down at night. The heat pump arrived on a lift gate truck, 5 days after I placed the order. The driver parked on the street fronting my house and picked up the skid with the pump on it on a manual fork lift and wheeled it up the driveway and to the patio in the back yard, setting it down near the final installation site. As you suggested was possible on your web site, I did the installation self-help. For homeowners who have an existing slab where the pump can be placed, installation involves setting the unit in place, bolting it down, hooking up the plumbing and electrical and they'd be ready to swim. I would guess, under those circumstances, the entire job could be done by one man in a day, certainly in a weekend. My installation was a bit more complicated because I needed to clear out some landscaping and pour a 5 x 5 foot concrete slab to set the heat pump on first. Once that was complete, I required help moving and setting the pump onto the slab (250+ pounds and somewhat unwieldy). Other than that, Installation was easy, aided by a very good installation manual. The only part I hired out (to a licensed contractor) was the electrical, and involved running new 220 volt electrical service from the house central panel to the pump location, installing a new exterior sub-panel, and making the connection to the pump. I chose to install a new 100 amp subpanel at the heat pump, rather than the standard cut-off so I would have a power supply in the backyard I could tap later if I needed power for other projects. Heat pump operation is simple and inituitive and the unit is quieter than my air conditioner condenser units, located nearby. Prior to the heat pump installation, our pool temp was in the mid to high 70s during the day, through June, and on hot days would reach a high in the mid-80s during the day in July, depending on how many consecutive days of sun we got. With the heat pump therostat set to 90, the heating cycle (controlled by the pool pump timer) begins at 8 am, and the pool is at or near 90 by about noon everyday, rain or shine. We now plan to keep swimming until November, making the whole pool experience far more enjoyable. All in all, buying a pool heat pump from you has been an altogether pleasant experience I would recommend to anyone with a swimming pool. Keep up the great work.

Heat Siphon

#28 Posted May 2005 by Keith Gemelli Dumont, NJ

Hello, Pool heater is great - Had to shut it off because it got too hot - up to 88 Degrees. I had 34 people over to my house on Sunday and my neighbors are still waiting for PSE and gas bill.

Jandy AE 2500

#27 Posted April 2005 by Tim Williams Taylors, SC

my pool heater has been up and running for 3 weeks or so now and is doing great. I am using the pool cover which helps hold the heat in tremendously. Thanks for all your help. It really seems to heat the pool quickly. I have attached a couple of pictures of the installation. Best regards


Jandy AE 2000

#26 Posted March 2005 by Gregg Brewer Surfside Beach, SC

Sorry it took so long to re-send these pics to you of my first installation. I didn't snap pics of the second install before I left Myrtle Beach but I'll be back in early June and get some at that time. As far as I know, things are working complaints is usually good news...thanks again for all your help...I feel like I am a "heater installer" now. The second unit only took less than a day (counting the extra trip to Lowes) Cheers


Heat Siphon SX5.0

#25 Posted March 2005 by Bruce and Terry Westminster, MD

We apologize for not sending pictures and a e-mail sooner, but life has been busy and hectic on the Main front! We absolutely love the Heat Siphon, the pool water went from 56 degrees to 92 degrees in less than 3 days. Our pool is 16 x 34, with an 8 ft. diving well. To say the least, the Heat Siphon is phenomenal!!! It is so nice and relaxing to swim in the warm water, which we never could have done that early last year. We did have an electrician do the electrical work and Bruce installed the PVC plumbing himself, with only a tiny leak on the first try. Second try was a winner!! We were up and running with everything the first week of May and would have liked to have had the pool opened earlier, but like I stated things were just hectic. We really enjoyed doing business with you and receiving prompt answers to all of our questions. We look forward to many years of nice warm swimming! Take care. Two happy customers in Westminster, MD!

Kopec 525

#24 Posted February 2005 by Brad Steinmeyer Phoenix, AZ

I wanted to take a second and drop you a quick email about my recent pool heater experience purchasing the Kopec 525s from you. Please feel free to share this with anyone that would like a recommendation. I have to say I was a bit nervous about such a large purchase from a website. I really appreciate your low pressure, fast responses during the decision making process that lasted for over two months (my fault not yours). Although your heater was by far less expensive than anywhere I could find, I would gladly have paid what the local folks were charging for the experience I had working with your company. I picked up the heater at the trucking terminal, and really appreciated you getting it out the door so fast. It arrived without a hitch on Friday. Saturday morning I poured concrete and by the afternoon the unit was sitting on the pad. I completed the PVC work in about an hour, it was my first time so there was an educational process. The hardest part was running the wires from the breaker to the back yard. I have an Electrician friend, and that worked out great, otherwise I recommend having someone else do it. I cut out the solar blanket to fit the pool, and fired the heater up at about 6:30 that night. The pools was sitting at 60 degrees when I started, and by Sunday night around 7 PM, we were at 88 degrees. I keep the pool at 88 degrees and the heater does not run as much as I thought it would. I am very please with this experience, and would welcome any questions from people in Phoenix considering using your company. Thank you again for your support and for the wonderful heater, my kids think you are great! I attached a few emails of the project. Best Regards,

Heat Pump

Posted February 2005 by Bruce P Indiana

I ordered my heat pump heater from you yesterday late in the afternoon, and I am located in Indiana. You told me (see above) that it was being loaded on the truck right away. Imagine my surprise when the driver called a half hour ago wanting to know how to get to my house to deliver the heater?! I ordered it only 20 hours ago and it's almost a 20 hour drive from Florida to Indiana!!!! I read great things about your service on your website. If this is an indication, they are true! Will keep you apprised of the installation!

Jandy AE2500

#23 Posted February 2005 by Michael McElroy Tampa, Florida

This is a very short story....February 9, about 7:30pm, I ordered my Jandy AE2500 from your company. You notified me it shipped the morning of February 10, Thursday.  About 5:00pm Friday, I got a call from a trucker stating he wanted to deliver my heat pump; he got here about 5:20pm and put the heavy thing right next to the new equipment pad I was still installing after removing my old heater.  I was able to complete the pad and plumbing on Saturday, finished the electrical work on Sunday, tested the heater and turned it on (water temp about 70).  This morning my wife and I swam laps in 86 degree water (Happy Valentine's day!). So, it took about 100 HOURS to order, deliver, install and operate my new heater. This week in Tampa will be sunny and the mid 70's, so we'll use the pool a lot!


Heat Siphon SX3.25

Posted January 2005 by Steve Vancouver, WA

Bought a Heat Siphon sx3.25 from you this past Jan, and am wondering if you sell--or know where I could order--a winter cover for it. By the way, the heat pump worked awesome, and we were able to swim from mid-March to just a few weeks ago here in SW Washington. Thanks in advance,

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