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Troubleshooting Guide For Waterco Pool Heat Pumps

Waterco Technical Support: 888-796-6002

The heat pump does not run.

The heat pump is not on.

Turn on the unit, verify that the circuit breaker is on.

The heat pump shuts off less than two minutes after start up.

The heat pump fan is not running.

If the compressor is running, then the relay may be faulty, the fan run capacitor or the fan motor itself can be damaged.

The unit is running continuously but the desired temperature is not achieved.

The unit is located in an enclosed area or where the airflow is restricted, either at the intake or the output of the energy collectors.

Remove obstacles or relocate the unit.

The pool surface is too large for the heat pump capacity.

May need to install a larger unit, or multiple units. Multiple units should be installed in parallel, based on the sizing guide.

The Pool Heater Is Not Running Or Stops Less Than 2 Minutes After

Starting Up

-Heat pump control set to low. Raise temperature set point.

-Desired water temperature is reached. Unit will automatically re-start when the water

temperature drops below the set point.

-Main breaker is tripped. Reset it.

-Pool pump is not running. Turn the pool pump on.

-Filter is dirty restricting the water flow. Backwash and clean filter

The Compressor Is Running But Not the Fan

-If the unit was just installed and the compressor starts before you have programmed the

desired temperature, it is possible that the electrical hookup was made on the wrong side

of the contactor (relay). Contact your electrician.

-The fan motor may be defective. Contact Waterco's service dept.

The Fan Is Running But Not the Compressor

-The unit is in its 3 or 5 minutes time delay protection mode.

-The unit is on defrost. The compressor will start again automatically when the defrost cycle is complete

There Is Water Around the Unit

-While your Waterco pool heater is in the heating mode, a large quantity of warm and humid

air passes over the evaporator and causes condensation. It is normal to see condensation dripping under the heater. To verify that the water is really a water leak you will need to stop the heater and leave the pool pump running for over 5 hours. If water is still coming out of your heater after this period you should call Waterco for service.

The Heater Is Running But Desired Water Temperature

Connot Be Reached

-Heat loss is too great for the heater; cover your pool as often as you can.

-Evaporator is dirty. Clean it.

-Evaporator restricted due to improper location.


-The bypass valves are not properly adjusted.